Four major trends in the beauty and personal care industry!

Issuing time:2020-06-02 00:00

Mintel, an international market research and consulting company headquartered in London, UK, recently released "2018 Global Beauty and Personal Care Trends". The report reveals four major trends that may have a significant impact on the global beauty and personal care market in 2018. Based on the rapidly changing reality, a predictive analysis was carried out in the near future.

First, the trend of brands to make possible countermeasures to environmental problems through the integration of cutting-edge life engineering technology is highlighted.

Second, as consumers increasingly demand the definition of personalized beauty, brands will no longer uniformly target consumers based on their age, gender, or body type.

Third, simply pursuing looking beautiful can no longer satisfy consumers of beauty and cosmetics. Brands must have a personality and purpose consistent with consumers' own beliefs. In other words, brands that value consumers' personalities and fulfill their corporate social responsibilities can win the favor of consumers.

Fourth, beauty brands will watch consumers' every move will be very popular, the application of digital technology to consumers in the shopping process, so far the unexpected custom shopping will become possible.

Mintel analysts said that in the context of changing consumer demand and global climate change, the beauty and personal care industry should follow the trend of ensuring natural raw materials and sustainable raw materials.

The report predicts that ensuring safe, non-allergenic, high-purity, and highly effective raw materials are natural raw materials. Analysts also believe that ensuring and producing local special raw materials is of great significance to the industry and consumers.

Brands no longer uniformly target consumers based on their age, gender, or body type, because consumers have increased demand for customized beauty products that meet their personalities.

The report predicts that as consumers look at their skin, hair, and body shape, product labeling with simplified features may disappear.

After 2018, the personalized needs of consumers will become more and more important.

In this regard, the report pointed out that brands should build more inclusive product customization strategies.

The report also pointed out that simply selling beauty products is not enough. Brands must have a personality and purpose consistent with consumers' own beliefs in order to win consumers' likes.

Consumers now value brands and products as much as they value product quality. This trend is becoming more and more obvious.

Therefore, the report states that compared with pure charity activities or providing financial assistance to environmental and ethical issues, if we invest further in education projects, we will be able to obtain millennials and Z era (youths under 19 years old born after 1995) Welcome.

It is essential for an enterprise to fulfill its social responsibilities and have an attitude of giving back to society.

In a store full of products, it is necessary to attract customers who are chased by time in a short time. Cutting-edge technology can accurately confirm the expressions and eye movements of consumers in both physical stores and online stores, and quickly track the products that consumers like. To help customers buy products.

The report predicts that now biological data can only be used commercially for tracking and identification. In the future, important elements such as heart wavelength, body language and every sentence will be used more and more to judge consumer preferences.

At the same time, even for social media, as online interactions become more active, consumers will have more and more doors to potential hidden opportunities for shopping.

In addition, the report also listed the keywords of the beauty and personal care industry in 2018 and later, respectively: conflicting demands, naturals-hungry consumer, and personalization customization.

"Conclusion: The report mentioned three keywords related to business: "cutting edge technology", "consumers’ cravings for natural products", and "personalized customization", and reminded companies that "pursuing pure beauty Unable to satisfy beauty and cosmetic consumers, the brand must have a personality and purpose consistent with the consumer's own beliefs. "It means that the brand culture has to come into play too, and it should not be underestimated.

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