Smart Face Camera - M1

Smart Face Camera - M1

. Product model: M1
. Rated power supply: 110~230 VAC/50Hz~60Hz
. Maximum power: 20W
. Pixel: 10 million
. Spectrum: Two spectrum
. Operating platform: PC terminal windows10
. Data transmission method: USB
. Instrument size: 39*34*48CM
. Instrument gross weight: 5.5Kg
. Instrument net weight: 3Kg

Intelligent facial camera-M1 is one of the high-tech intelligent facial camera that integrates electronics, precision machinery, integrated optics and digital imaging. Using RGB+UV dual-spectral imaging technology. It can detect spots, pores, wrinkles, pigments, Ultraviolet rays or sunshine cause different degrees of damage to the skin, accurately present the skin condition in front of the customer and propose a proposal. The pictures before and after treatment can be carefully compared and analyzed. It is widely used in professional beauty salons and research. Under the spectral environment, high-resolution professional images of the face are taken to scientifically analyze the different characteristics of the skin, and provide the best skincare program.

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