No-needle Mesotherapy (vertical)

No-needle Mesotherapy (vertical)

. Product model: LF6065B
. Rated power supply: 220 VAC/50Hz
. Maximum power: 200W
. Instrument size: *39*37*134CM
. Packing size: 55*46*123CM
. Instrument gross weight: 46kg
. Instrument net weight: 32kg

Non-invasive water light is a non-invasive non-contact beauty instrument. It adopts aviation technology and uses the principle of air flow spraying. The skin care products are sprayed on the skin surface in a fine and rapid spraying mode through the air flow. The pressure of spraying cosmetics during use is 0.4 MPa, the spraying speed of the nozzle is 28.6 m/s, the spray head is 100 mm away from the skin, and the spraying area is 30 mm2, which can increase the product absorption rate by 5-10 times, thereby promoting intramuscular circulation, And release nutrients layer by layer to achieve the effect of moisturizing and skin lightening. Repair the withered cells of the skin, reshape the firm, smooth and elastic skin in a short time; add sufficient nutrition and moisture to the skin, improve the skin texture, and evoke the youthful beauty of the skin.

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