No-needle Mesotherapy (portable)

No-needle Mesotherapy (portable)

. Product model: LF6065C
. Rated power supply: 220 VAC/50Hz
. Maximum power: 200W
. Instrument size: 40*35*26CM
. Base size: 48*44*78CM
. Packing size: 52*52*51CM
. Base packing size: 71.5*62*102CM
. Instrument gross weight: 25Kg
. Base gross weight: 44Kg
. Instrument net weight: 19Kg
. Net weight of base: 21.5Kg

No-needle Mesotherapy is a non-invasive non-contact cosmetic beauty instrument. It adopts aviation technology and uses the principle of air flow spraying. The skin care products are sprayed onto the skin surface in a fine and high-speed spray through the air flow, which can improve the absorption rate of the product. 5-10 More than times, do a non-invasive water shine = at least 1000 mask treatments to keep the skin hydrated and translucent. Insist on non-invasive water shine care can help the beauty-loving people to maintain the youthful skin and have baby-like supple skin.

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